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Name:Carly Danielle Whittemore
Birthdate:Jul 12

TEEN WOLF ( ORIGINAL CHARACTER ): Carly is the eldest child and only daughter in the Whittemore family, big sister by less than a year to her younger brother, Jackson. Her parents tried for ages to have a baby, finally deciding to go the adoption route, a process that often takes many, many years. In the midst of waiting, though, Mrs. Whittemore became pregnant, and they were excited and grateful to welcome a baby girl into their family.

In all the excitement of having their daughter, they didn't actually take their names out of the running for adoption, and it was right before Carly turned a year old that they got word that their request for adoption had been approved, and they would become parents to a newborn baby boy whose parents had died in a car accident. Jackson came to live with the family not much later, and was legally adopted. They covered up the story of their son's adoption, never wanting Jackson to feel that he was any less their child than Carly was, and the pair grew up very close.

It was their freshman year in high school, though, when Jackson, always precocious and into pretty much everything, discovered the papers from his finalized adoption and called his parents out for keeping the truth from him. He was extremely angry with them, and for a while there, a distance developed between the siblings, when Jackson felt like things just weren't the same with them not being biological.

In the midst of all this, while Jackson was dealing (unbeknownst to his family) with being a kanima, Carly knew something was wrong with her brother, but they were little more than polite to each other at the time, their close relationship lost. Jackson didn't tell her, even when he was starting to come to the realization of what was really going on. While he was dealing with that, Carly was coming to the realization, after sleeping with one of her cross-country teammates, that she was way more into girls than guys. What she really wanted more than anything was to be able to talk to her brother about it, but that just wasn't a possibility with Jackson still dealing with his anger.

What she did have going for her was a great relationship with Jackson's girlfriend, Lydia, who'd been her best friend for years. Because of how their birthdays fell, Jackson and Carly were in the same grade, and she'd met Lydia before she and Jackson ever met. It was partially through Lydia's help that Carly and Jackson eventually were able to talk out all the distance between them, and by the time they moved with their family to London, they were cultivating a very close sibling relationship again.

Once she found out what Jackson was, Carly asked her brother to give her the bite, too. She wanted to be able to share something special with her brother, and since their lack of biological connection had been what separated them in the first place. Jackson took some convincing, but he ended up giving into his sister's request, and since then, Carly has jokingly teased that she may not be his biological sister, but she's definitely his "biteological sister," fitting with her sometimes cheesy sense of humor.

As a Whittemore, raised with money, Carly's always had a bit of a sassy bitch attitude. She shares a love of sports with her brother, but despite playing sports and doing relatively well in school, she's got an edginess to her that makes her somewhat of an acquired taste for most. She drives a Maserati, as opposed to Jackson's Porsche.

She couldn't be happier to be back in Beacon Hills with her best friend, and is looking forward to catching up with what the gang has been up to since the Whittemores left the country.

Carly is an Original Character based in the Teen Wolf (TV Series) canon, for PSLs, beaconhillshigh and untiltheendstarts.

Carly is an original muse character based on Teen Wolf (TV Series) canon. For RP and muse purposes only. PB is Bella Thorne. This journal has no affiliation to Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis, MTV or Bella Thorne.

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